VEXXHOST Cloud Computing Provider Review


VEXXHOST Cloud Computing Provider

The Internet these days is a superior giant injected with power and diversity to do anything. It’s the biggest brain in the world and has information on everything that you can possibly think off. One of the biggest uses for the net is for businesses. The use of the web to store data, run day-to-day operations and communications with people is an essential part of many businesses machine. Without it the world certainly for businesses would be a different place. With the increase in technology, the need for more powerful infrastructures that hold more data with speedy upload and download capabilities has become a necessity! That is why the new world of cloud computing was introduced!

One company that offers cloud-computing services is Vexxhost. From reading up on what the company have to offer their services seem pretty impressive. So I decided to give you a review about vexxhost on what they have to offer, the type of support they provide and the cost of their services! The main focus is an overview on the servers they provide to clients, which act as the main headquarters for many businesses.


One of the biggest things that we want is speed and power and that is something that Vexxhost provides. Super-fast and efficient processors with low latency memory and solid stage storage so moving data around can be done with the greatest of ease on any server. I found this to be a huge benefit as I think we all hate slow operation and that was something that was not a problem here.

When it comes to talking about speeds of reading data and uploading/downloading Vexxhost offers an impressive 1.6 Gig per sec and with writing they claim it is 2000% faster than other servers. Even 1.6 per second is impressive on its own so getting huge files moved around quickly is no feat for their servers.

One thing I like about Vexxhost is that they do a lot of small background tasks for you so it can take the workload off your shoulders. This includes managing IPs and Passwords within your servers, keeping them up to date and adding and removing them should the need be there. They keep your servers running smoothly so you do not have to worry about potential problems.

Protections can be a big issue. What happens if all your data got hit with errors and became corrupted or crashed? That is something we all want to avoid and Vexxhost has tackled this well. Their storage systems stop hard drives from corrupting data silently and correct it, which is brilliant! Another great aspect covered which is making Vexxhost sound like a great service.

Vexxhost is open source too and incorporates a number of operating systems including Fedora, Windows, Linux and more so compatibility is not an issue and you have a lot of flexibility using a variety of OS. The company Openstack Enterprise system itself has been used by some big companies such as PayPal, Dell and Intel, so the reliability and reputation is strong.


In this review about Vexxhost, we show how they provides a live chat service where you can chat to support operators should you have any issues, which is great as you can gain a response to any question pretty quickly. There is also the option to call via the number provided again should you need any help. There are the traditional methods too of FAQ and email should you require that method.


This review also show how Vexxhost charge per hour for their services and this amount is rounded up to a monthly sum. Their packages are varied and have everything from a low amount of disk, memory and transfer speeds to the larger packages of the bigger clients. The memory sizes range from 512 Mb which these days is tiny in comparison to the huge 64 GB memory they can provide. Disk sizes go from 20 GB to 2560GB, which is more than plenty by far! And finally transfer speeds 2Tb to 20TB, which is plenty of bandwidth easily for a large business. So they offer some pretty impressive packages. The only time they ever charge more is if you go over the amount you have used.


In this Vexxhost review and after pointing out some of the great features they have to offer I would say check them out. These are just some of the features they have but they have a lot more on offer to. There services to me are effective and efficient and great value for money! 8/10!

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