World of Warcraft Leveling Tips Exposed

by Seth Symonds

There are a range of ways you can level your characters faster in WoW. In this article I am going to reveal 2 ways to level faster. These are both basic techniques but both are overlooked far too often.

1. Set your Inn/Hearth Location to Dalaran or Shattrath

At the time the Burning Crusade expansion pack was released, a useful addition was made. Portals in Shattrath city link to all other major cities.

What this basically means is that if you set your Hearthstone to “Shat” or Dalaran you can get to any of the other major cities clicking on the portal of the place you want to go.

Unlike in Dalaran, there are no obvious inn’s in Shattrath that you can use to set as your Hearthstone. In Shattrath you can do it in one of two places:

1. Aldor Rise

2. Scryers Tier

If you ask a guard they will be able to tell you the general direction to the inn. If you press the “M” key you’ll also be able to see where they are. If you want you can take the lift up to where you want to head. Scryers Tier is due South while Aldors Rise is West.

You can actually jump own of the lift (when you come to it to go down) and you wont die. You’ll only die if you have a weak character or poor gear.

You won’t be able to open the portal if your character is level 73 or below. In this case you can still use the portal though, you’ll just need to get a Mage to help you out by opening the portal for you.

2. Get one of the new In Game Leveling Add-ons

A few cool leveling add-ons have been created in the past 6 months. What these do is show you in game exactly where you need to go and what you need to do for each quest. It saves you a lot of time spent wandering around – these patches really are amazing.

I have been able to double my leveling time by using these add-ons. I highly recommend them if you are looking to level quickly and easily.

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