Why Search Engine Optimization Is Necessary

by Michael Flum

On OK to Make Money Online, let’s take a more in-depth look at Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO comes down to nothing more than staying on subject with your blog or website and using properly researched keywords or long tail keywords.

Most web sites do not focus on keywords or keyword optimization. The website authors do not do the proper keyword research and so the pages and the site are not keyword optimized. Then when Google spiders the site what does it find? A whole bunch of keywords but very little uniformity, and if by accident there is some keyword uniformity, what is the keyword? Worse yet the keyword or long tail keywords don’t even pertain to the main subject of the site.

Take most sites: they are all over the place with the subject matter. One article may be about shoes, another about clothes and on the same site cooking utensils. So how does Google rate the site and what ads does it display? We have to help Google out here and in response, they will rate your page higher in page ranking.

If we look over at a cooking site, can you find the main topic? Would it be desserts, beef, American, French, or general? Now therein lies the problem: the information is too general. If we are doing a niche site, we need to be more specific. So we need to break a general site into ten or twenty sites, with each site concerned with one food group, say beef or salads. Now we are talking about a niche. Got the idea?

After we have all your topics reduced to a few categories, we will next to build a website or blog for each one. How you do that? We will use a tool that Google supplies to the advertisers in the Adwords section of the Google website. It is called the Keyword Tool. This tool is available to anyone and is used to locate a term or keyword that has been entered in a search request. With the search request, we have a frequency and amount spent per month per keyword identified. This is how you can locate a keyword or keyword phrase.

After you have completed your research and have determined the best keyword, it is time to find a URL that will contain your new keyword. Go to Blogger and see what can find. When you find a URL with your keyword then start using your keyword on every page and in every article, including the Privacy Page and the About Page. When you have completed your first website, go on to the next and do the same till you have covered all your categories or keywords.

Once you’re done, break the articles you have on the original site into major subjects and copy them to each new website. Rewrite the articles using the keyword for that site, making sure that the title, first paragraph, last paragraph, and one or two percent of the article body contains the keyword.

Does your site contain pictures? Good! Make sure that every picture has a sentence or caption that includes your keyword.

Last, make sure not to exceed one or two uses of your keyword per one hundred article body words, or Google may flag you site for keyword stuffing and sandbox you until you correct the problem.

Let’s review: make sure your sites are narrow in scope but not too narrow, research your subject, pick the best keyword or key phrase, use your keyword in everyplace you can, but don’t overuse in articles. This will help you make money online.


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