When Reading Reviews: Some Are Fake!

Often you see “reviews” of web hosting services that is actually just the list of features provided by the web host’s sale page already. This information you see is not a review at all but information you can get yourself by simply going to the providers home page.

Obtain Web Hosting Reviews That Are Objective

There are thousands of different web hosting solutions available online today and with so many choices, features, options, bonuses and price structures out there, it is easy to become confused by the sheer abundance of information available, making it essential that you find objective and detailed reviews of the web hosting solutions you are considering.

All Help Desk Systems are Not Equal

There are many different types of Help Desk Systems being used by web hosting services today, so you need to be sure that you choose a host that allows you to submit questions or requests and track the replies from the host rather than just a cheesy version that simply sends e-mails back and forth. E-mails get lost and with no way of tracking them your question or request just mind end up in Internet limbo. It can also be difficult to track who is working on your request in the maze of cc’s and bcc’s that tend to clutter up e-mail headers.

Your Pre-Sale Questions Should Be Written Down

If the reviews you find simply aren’t covering all of the topics on which you have questions, feel free to come up with your own list of questions and contact the company or companies directly. Calling customer service may be the quickest option, but it is probably more effective to submit questions via their ticket system as you can retain this information for a later time and it provides you with a record. And you can get a good idea of the company’s response time.

Always Get a Money-Back Guarantee on Services

Many web hosting services do offer a 30 day guarantee if you find yourself dissatisfied, but not all of them guarantee that you will get all of your money back. Be certain to have a good understanding of their guarantees before you commit to their service. You should be especially cautious if you read reviews that reference a “check’s in the mail scenario,” unanswered calls to the company’s billing department, or requests for refund being promised, but not delivered.

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