What To Know About Web Hosting

Web hosting is normally done either from the site owner’s private computer, or by employing the services of a web hosting company. Web hosting companies have many options and service levels to choose from.

If you do decide to host a website on your own, be weary of the security risks. Hackers prowl the internet twenty-four hours a day searching for vulnerabilities on web servers so they can vandalize, take over, or infect computers. Unless you’re up on all the security patches as they become available, you risk your data, and potentially your whole network.

Also, consider that by hosting from your own consumer or even business level ISP, you’d be giving up a lot of bandwidth just to share your site. If there was any kind of multimedia content on your page, this is generally not a good idea.

When you buy web host service from a hosting company, you won’t have to worry about security, or your home network speed. Most small web site owners start with “Shared Hosting” plans, so called because the computer your site is hosted on also hosts other customer websites. You’ll never know who they are, so it won’t affect the way your site appears in any way, but it some sites can cause unbalanced server loads, affecting your site’s speed and reliability. This type of plan may not suit critical websites.

Virtual Private hosting will cost a bit more, but the computer your site is being hosted on is split into virtual machines, where the load is distributed evenly, giving you a guaranteed service level, depending on what service tier you pay for. Other websites on the same physical machine at the host won’t negatively affect your site’s performance.

Dedicated web hosting is the best bet for sites where 100% uptime is a critical matter. Your site is on one dedicated machine and all of the resources are just for your site. This option is much more expensive than shared hosting, but the advantage is speed and more versatility with what kind of databases you can use and more.

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