What Qualifies As Driving Without Insurance

It is an offence to drive a motor vehicle without a certificate of insurance in place covering you to drive that vehicle on that occasion.

The offence of driving without insurance is taken very seriously by the Magistrates Court due to the possible implications if you were to crash.

To be found guilty of driving without insurance the Prosecution simply have to prove that you were driving a motor vehicle on a public road at the time of the alleged offence. Because this is a documentary offence the burden passes to the Defendant (you) to prove that you were actually insured at the time you were driving. This is because it would be almost impossible for the Prosecution to prove that you were not insured and they would have to go through every insurance company in the Country using their insurance database to try and establish there was no certificate in place.

Something that catches most people out when accused of having no insurance is that you dont actually have to be driving the vehicle to be guilty of the no insurance offence. The law states that you only have to be using the vehicle. Having use of the vehicle can mean that the vehicle can simply be parked on a public road outside your house and if it has no insurance you will be liable for the punishment.

Another way in which many people get caught out with the no insurance law is when they believe that their fully comprehensive insurance policy covers them to drive other peoples cars with their permission. A lot of the time, fully comprehensive cover does not actually include this in the policy.

It is extremely important to make sure that you fully understand the terms of your insurance policy and that whenever you drive either your own car or someone else’s, that you are actually insured.

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