What Is Roof Cleaning

by Scott Rodgers

The buildings most distinguishable features is the roof. The roof heavily controls the building style and increases the overall appearance. Apart from the look, the roof cleaning serves to maintain its functions, so that you can avail the best from your roof to keep away the damage of your roof.

There are certain things which are not distinguished as debris and that can also be harmful to your roof like one the moss. Normally moss consists of large amount of water and moisture which can be spread across the cement work of your roof and may be causing a long lasting damage to ridge tiles and valleys.

Rain/hail, moss/algae, leaves and wind-swept debris and like wise many other kinds of debris, dirt and flora influences the state of your roof.

The most affected parts of a roof from dirt and debris are usually the gutters and shingles, yet if ignored for too long, other parts can also be affected and become damaged. For this reason, it is recommended to have regular roof cleaning and maintenance, either once or twice annually, depending on the size and style of your roof.

If there is any black stains all over your roof do not mistake it as dirt, grime, tar, or oil. It is blue-green algae of hard type material.

If you have any familiarity with algae then you know it’s a living and feeding organism that only gets worse with time. Ignoring it will not solve the problem. This algae uses the limestone filler in your shingles to feed off and expand, and eventually your entire roof will be covered with the black stuff unless it is cleaned.

The lifespan of the roof will be shorten if the black streaks are seen by a process of granule deterioration. Hence an expert roof cleaner will help you clean the roof there by you will be saving the money in the future.

Once you’ve decided to clean your roof then you’ll need to understand the best way to do it. Not only can the algae cause real damage to your shingles, but it can also lead to water penetration in places that water isn’t supposed to be.

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