What Is A VPN?

If your company has many offices in different locations, or allows employees to telecommute (work from home), it is highly likely that your company has VPN installed. VPN stands for virtual private network and has many business applications, but primarily a way to extend the office network over various locations.

For ordinary users, however, they would know VPN as a means to hide their email address so that they can surf the Internet anonymously or bypass web site access restrictions such as firewalls. An example would be a user on VPN being able to avail of Internet television when this would be normally blocked on his computer.

Ordinary users would most likely be using VPN in the second scenario. There are a number of VPN services being offered over the Internet. For simple anonymous surfing, you can find a service as cheap as $5/month or even for free!

But if you want to download or stream content, you should have a premium VPN account. Aside from being readily available, the subscription may have other value-added features (depending on the provider) such as your own IP address, strong encryption for any data you are sending over the Internet and your choice of server locations (to be able to visit sites that would normally block your access).

That said, before subscribing to a VPN service, decide how you are going to use it: Is it simply for browsing web site content? Download torrents? Watch Internet television? Each provider has its own terms and conditions for service and some will include restrictions against “illegal” activities such as P2P file sharing of intellectual property. It is best to look for and read the fine print before committing to anything.

Also, try before you buy. Providers who offer a trial period show that they have confidence in their product. On your part, it is often the best way to know if the service is works for you.

Here are a couple of things to check: Internet speed and quality of technical support. You will want to know how reliable the Internet speed is, and how fast or slow it is (depends on what you want to do). You will also want a technical support team that doesn’t take weeks to respond to your questions or help requests, and who actually know what to do when problems or issues arise.

Online forums are good sources of feedback on particular VPN service providers. Customer testimonials are well and good, but then you hardly read anything negative in those. With online forums, if you read a lot of negative feedback on a provider from different people, that may be a sign that you shouldn’t do business with that provider. In any case, you should try to get as much information as possible before subscribing.

Anonymous surfing and email security tools can be a great way to improve your resistance against threats online. Stuart Fisk is an experienced publisher who helps individuals minimize risk by using VPN Service services at work or at home. For additional information about this and other related topics search the internet and you can find a large amount at connectinprivate.com.

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