What Are An Undertaker’s Responsibilities In A Funeral Service

Undertakers, who are also known as funeral directors, are people who are next in importance to the family of the departed and the clergy when it comes to funeral services. These individuals are responsible for arranging the whole funeral, managing all the related aspects as well. The task of undertakers is of such nature that they have to be on call anytime during the day and on any day of the year.

Death brings with it myriad decisions, which the bereaved are not able to take immediately in the wake of their huge loss. This is where the undertaker enters the scene and takes over. He takes quick and wise decisions regarding the time, location and type of the funeral service. In Addition, the undertaker helps you in getting to grips with your loss, as he is by your side and organises the entire funeral, allowing you to show your immense love and respect for the departed person.

Planning a funeral service begins with deciding upon its time, venue and date and then informing the same to family and friends. After this has been finalised, the undertaker makes preparations for shifting the body to the funeral site or where it is to be laid to rest. If a burial service needs to be carried out, then the undertaker also helps in selecting a suitable coffin for the deceased.

The undertaker takes care of every detail of the funeral service, including arranging for flowers, hearse, luncheon, priests, choristers, ashes and headstone, and any other detail that should be focused upon. The wish of the family is always taken into account in all these preparations so that the deceased gets a funeral service the way he or she would have wanted to.

Lastly, some undertakers also help in appropriate embalming and transportation of the body if required, and in preparation and arranging for the funeral service in another country if the person has died abroad.

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