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When the Internet was brand new, operating a website cost a lot of money and the owner needed to know what he was doing technologically. Today’s internet is far easier to use, thanks to advances in internet technology, and building the perfect web site is a simple and affordable task made easier by the large number of web hosting services.

What we have found, though, is that it is more difficult to select the proper web hosting company, than it is to set up a website. The reason for this is, that prior to choosing a web hosting company, there are a number of elements that should be considered. The key to making a decision will be deciding what type of website you are building.

The least difficult website to develop and host, is the one that will be utilized for personal use. Most basic web hosting options will be able to fulfill your website’s needs. Generally speaking, your personal website contains several standard features, including some pages for your pictures and written content and maybe another page listing your “favorite links”. Today’s web hosting providers will also include such features as automated script for your website and a template that you can adapt to suit your personal needs. With such services, setting up a website has become a breeze for even the most technologically challenged.

Websites for business reasons, on the other hand, will need quite a few additional features, like a higher amount of security (something similar to data encryption), and methods of properly securing your network, which could be something similar to IDS/IPS Since companies need to have their server available at all times and a high bandwidth, you should find a server that promises they are up not less than 99.9% of the time and that they offer enough bandwidth to keep up with the number of visitors to your site.

If you think you’ve found a company that will meet your needs, sign up for a short time and give it a test run. Selecting a web hosting company should be a careful, thoughtful process. This is a decision that will have a great impact on your business so take the time to make the right choice.

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