Wealth Affiliate Income 101 – Earning Wealthy Affiliate Income

by Steve Siemoreland

Now that youre well aware of the simple structure of affiliate marketing and how earning affiliate income goes, its about time we take a more detailed look on the steps.

The three simple steps to take if you are a newbi to earning affiliate income are easy to re-member. Lets go into them now.

1. Always look in the magazines for well advertised products, that are hot in the market place.

2. Find a potential market web site so clients can connect to the product, and that product as an affiliate opening.

3. Once a customer buys from your link or website promoting the merchants product, you get commissions

Thats the three steps in short, now lets see how we put them all together to successfully complete one step at a time:

Earning Wealthy Affiliate Income Step 1 When you think about it, this step is made up of 2 more sub-steps: (1) finding what people are buying like crazy, and (2) who are the merchants catering to the hungry crowds clamor for the product or service.

With hundreds of sources and places to find whats hot in the market place. It doesnt take long to find out what products you should be affiliating with, Start by looking at the best-seller section of online shops or malls like:

– Amazon.com – GoogleTrends.com – eBaypulse.com – And a lot more

Whats selling fast can be a fiction book, the latest T.V, a laptop computer, the latest video game ” the list is endless.

Getting your research right for whats hot in the market place, the second step should just fall into place, since most malls like Amazon allow you to sell their products as an affiliate, by whatever legal means and you get commissions for it!

The only thing left for you to do is fill out their affiliate application form, and its time to get down to business!

Earning Wealthy Affiliate Income Step 2 Affiliates of the merchants job is to start linking the customers and the products together. There are hundreds of ways to do this. the most popular ways to do that are:

1. PPC Advertising can be profitable, if you know what you are doing. This can be done with the likes of Google, MSN or Yahoo. But a warning for those fool hardy to rush in with out knowing what they are doing. Since you pay for every click if you get your keywords wrong it can cost you a small fortune.

2. Article Marketing ” This one is my favorite. Its totally free as you only have to write articles (w/ links to the merchant) and submit them to popular article directories like EzineArticles.com and GoArticles.com

3. Forum Marketing ” This type of related product marketing is grate, if you like getting in voled with answering peoples problems. Most of the time you can provide a solution to their problem just by recommending a product, But be careful you dont want to get accused of spamming so answer lots of questions before recommending a product.

Once you join a forum make sure your signature matches a good offer that suits the members of the forum, while your answering the questions, your signature link is doing the marketing. Quick example, dog training forum, make sure your signature links to a good dog training e-book, or pet store that you are an affiliate of.

4. E-mail Marketing ” There are 2 types of e-mail marketing, 1 is legal and the other is not. The one that is not legal is called spamming and can get you into a lot of trouble, not just with your service e-mail provider also with the law. By all means build a list to mail to, but do not randomly e-mail people with offers, this is spamming.

This involves having a list of e-mails who opted in to be a member of your group or subscribed to your newsletter. On your e-mails, you can sell as many products as you want since they agreed to it. Dont overdo it though as people would unsubscribe faster than you can say e-mail marketing!

Pick one that you think suits you best.

Earning Wealthy Affiliate Income Step 3 This step is the one that gets me most excited ” After all watching the cash come into your bank account who wouldnt get excited ? If you have got all the steps right, there really isnt a lot to earning affiliate income step 3.

Do the work Sit back and wait for the checks to come thorough the post or into your paypal account.

Once you start earning commissions and have some seed money, Id strongly recommend that you invest into some affiliate tools to help speed up your endeavours. Or if you feel you could do with some affiliate training to complete the steps, and earn some top commissions, I would recommend the wealthy affiliate university.

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