VPS Hosting Vs Dedicated Server – How To Compare What You Get.

Many companies begin their online journey with a website that is hosted on a shared hosting account. As their website becomes bigger and bigger and they receive more visitors, they often start investigating options to give them better reliability and more control over their website. This is when they have to make the choice between a VPS and a dedicated server. In this brief article we will examine some of the issues around VPS Hosting Vs Dedicated Server – How to Compare what you get for your money.

Since so many companies start with a shared hosting account, we will first explain what that is. In this case you simply buy a certain amount of disk space and data transfer per month on a shared server. Your website will share everything on the server with each of the other websites on that server.

The number of websites on a shared server can run into hundreds and even be more than a thousand. The drawback of all this is if even one of those websites uploads a script that brings down the server, your website will also go down. If any one of them sends out thousands of SPAM emails which blocks the mail server, your email will also stop functioning.

The need to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server is therefore a logical one that develops over time for most businesses. The letters VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. To a large extent a VPS functions in much the same way as a dedicated server. You have your own private share of the server’s hard drive, a fixed share of memory and a certain percentage of CPU which is guaranteed for your use.

That means that under normal circumstances your website will not be affected if the guy on the VPS next to you uploads a bad script or uses too much RAM. Your VPS will also have it’s own mail queue which means if one of the other VPS accounts tries to send out too many emails it will not affect you.

A further plus of a VPS is that the cost is much lower than that of a dedicated server. It is still a lot more expensive than a shared hosting account, but you should save about 80% on the cost of a dedicated server depending on how much space and bandwidth you require.

A disadvantage of a VPS is that it still shares the same hardware with a couple of other VPS accounts. If the main hard drive fails, your VPS will also stop functioning. If the RAM of the main server becomes bad, it will affect all VPS accounts on that server.

A dedicated server solves most of these problems. You have full control over what happens to your website. You are allowed to upload any programs or scripts you want and what anybody else does will have no effect on you.

The one reason why many small businesses do not go for the dedicated server option is because they don’t have the necessary technical know-how to manage a server themselves. Many web servers run on the Unix platform, which is a programming language with which most business people are unfamiliar.

There is a solution to this problem though: a managed dedicated server. Being the most expensive of the options it gives you the freedom and flexibility of a dedicated server without the need to have any technical knowledge. The hosting company will handle all the technical and software issues.

The above analysis tried to outline the issue of VPS Hosting Vs Dedicated Server – How to Compare the pros and cons of the different options.

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