Verifone Wireless Credit Card Machine Options

by Pete Markinson

Today there are plenty of options for mobile businesses to accept credit card payment. The speed of billing and receiving payment is often critical to your success.

The most obvious and expensive option is a Verifone Wireless Credit Card Machine from your bank. Verifone Wireless Credit Card Machines allow many benefits and let a business receive payment when a customer does not have cash on hand. Most customers have a debit or credit card and these machines accept both options. Experienced people in sales will know that when the customer is ready to buy they need to be ready to accept payment. Failure to do so will often result in a loss of a sale.

Businesses on the move, or decide to go to their customers on occasion will find an Credit Card Terminal sitting on a counter back at the office is not the most convenient solution. Verifone Wireless Credit Card Machines advantageous. Quite often a manual credit card machine is used as back up for a conventional terminal. These can be taken out to clients and this is worth considering. Wireless terminals are often much more expensive for terminal rental. They are approximately double the rental.

Companies in the building industry a Verifone Wireless Credit Card Machine is an asset. Often there are big ticket items that need to be purchased. Waiting weeks is not convenient when you have staff and material bills to pay.

There are a number of reasons why Verifone Wireless Credit Card Machines are good news for mobile businesses and one of these is the immediacy of payment. Also consider increase in cash flow, reducing bad debt and increasing your sales. How often do customers slip away and fail to return because you cannot accept a credit card?

Also take time to consider the Virtual POS option. This is available from most banks. To be mobile you will need a laptop which can connect to the internet when you are on the move. You simply log on to the banks secure page, enter your merchant ID and enter the transaction details. Surprisingly the funds will enter your settlement account with the same speed as a conventional terminal.

Virtual POS is a less expensive option as you are not required to pay terminal rental. It is a little restricted and cannot accept PIN numbers. Also note that merchant service fees are slightly higher than using a wireless or fixed line credit card machine.

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