Vacation Guide for Frugal People

by Samuel Foster

Vacation is one of those things that we love to go all the time. Unfortunately, one thing stands in the way and that’s money. If there were ways to save on traveling, we’d be much happier.

How many of us really trust our travel agent? I’m here to tell you that despite popular belief, they actually have some pretty good deals because they book by the tens and thousands of people. This way, their bulk discounts are huge.

If you plan your vacation, you will spend less time traveling and more time having fun. Unnecessary traveling time also means more money wasted so do some homework.

Eating a bigger lunch is always better than a big dinner if price is a concern. That’s because lunches are often cheaper and you will also be more healthy, another incentive.

Be ready to go anytime there are deals if you want to save big. Many places want to fill up their ships, planes and hotel rooms so they will always offer amazing rates last minute.

Online systems will track traffic, likelihood of booking as well as availability to determine prices on the fly. Therefore, it will always jump up and down. Go to the website a few times and figure out the bottom of the range, then book when it’s near or around that figure.

Bigger luggage may seem more cumbersome but since airlines are starting to charge by item, it make sense to use bigger pieces. Don’t worry about having too big of a bag as long as you bought the luggage from a reputable brand.

Check out the loyalty programs even if they require time to sign up because the deals are amazing. Every company wants you to stay with them so the more you travel, the more discounts and peaks you get.

Car rentals are much cheaper if you go to an off airport location. Chances are, they have a shuttle that will take you to the airport anyway so there really isn’t any difference.

Some credit cards have travel insurance so remember to use that card to book your hotel and airlines. This way, you don’t have to pay additional for insurance and what not.

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