Using Webdesign To Boost Website Conversion Rates

by Jack Sinclair

You can make your website a success and increase your conversion rates using the following methods.

Your first task is to create a navigation system for your website that is easy to understand and consistent.

While sites such as use tabs it is just as effective to use simple underlined text. The important thing is to be able to anticipate exactly what your customer will want from your site and provide this is a straightforward format.

Say you are creating a web site that sells ink for printers. A customer visiting such a site would only be interested in finding the ink that is used with their printer. A good navigation system should be designed so that visitorrs can find the brand and model of their printer and the ink cartrigde used with their printer quickly and easily.

Keep your navigation system simple. Some effective and simple navigational items include vertical or horizontal text links, buttons, and tabs.

Your website should be capable of sending a message without reading any text, through its design and feel, though this area is open to interpretation and more of an art than a science.

There are no ‘standards’ or ‘controls’. The design should reflect the content, so if you go to the website should instantly say ‘news’ whereas should say ‘fun’. Achieving a congruous theme through your site can dramatically improve your conversion rates.

Government buildings seem institutional for a reason. That is the function they serve. Your website’s theme should be automatically known by the look of your website – the layout and design.

As the saying goes ‘it is the little foxes that spoil the grapes.’ Be careful that the overall appearance of your website is not spoiled by those ‘little foxes’.

The following are errors made in webdesign and suggested ways to fix them in order to raise conversion rates:

a) Avoid using a visible stats counter for your site.

The large counters at the bottom of web pages is a tell-tale sign of a very old site.

b) Keep in mind how your site will look when printed. There are a number of people who prefer to print long pages of text and read them from a print out rather than from the screen. Having a ‘printable’ version of the sites pages accommodates such users.

c) Be sure to keep your webdesign ‘scannable’.

Use bold, italics, underlining, and colored print to emphasize the important points that will attract readers. Many readers will scan the page before commiting their time to reading the whole thing. Make sure they decide to do that.

d) Avoid oversized graphics or logos that lessen the top fold of your site. The ‘top fold’ of your home page is the area of the page the visitor sees as soon as the page loads, before scrolling down. If there are large graphics taking up space at the top of the page then there is less space for the actual content of the page, the text, images or whatever else; the important stuff.

Using these webdesign secrets right away may surprise you just how effective such simple changes can be. Watch as your websites conversion rates soar higher.

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