Used Office Furniture Is The Way To Go

by Ingrid Bergemar

I know I am not the only one who has made an office move and arrived at the new space only to be let down at the poor quality office furniture you are inheriting. It’s even worse if your former office space was nice, and you only had to leave it due to size constraints or some other factor out of your control.

I recently went through an office move, but fortunately for my company, our new office space had very good quality furniture and workspaces. I was so pleased by the build quality and the design of it that I wanted to find out what kind of furniture it was. It turns out, even more to my surprise, that it was used office furniture. That’s right; it was all used, from the office cubicles to the furniture.

I immediately wondered how all this quality stuff could be used and why I never knew that there were companies who sold it. I came across a small number of companies who did it this way, usually with some kind of guarantee that you would not tell the difference. They fooled me, and after working around this furniture for a little while now, I would recommend it to anybody.

Maybe a little clarification is needed here. Used office furniture does not have to imply something negative. I know you may be thinking of old, tattered fabric or marked up workspaces, but the reality is very different. There will be parts that are new and some that are used. The most visible parts, like the surface and the fabric, will be new. Naturally you would want these parts as nice as possible since they are what you and your clients see every day.

But the paneling for the office cubicles, along with the trim, is used or remanufactured. The parts that are visible are repainted, usually with environmentally friendly paints so that they look as good as new. So now you’ve got a cubicle or piece of furniture that looks as good as or better than new, but you made a smart, economical decision by going with used parts.

Price is quite possibly the biggest factor as to why you would buy used or refurbished. If you are still not convinced though, I encourage you to take a trip to the websites of two competitors, one selling used and the other selling new. Notice the price differences, and the similarities in build quality and visual appeal. If you can’t tell the difference, your logical choice will be the used or refurbished alternative.

Concerning other furniture components like file accessories or storage bins, you can count on them being new. I really am unaware of a company that would sell those parts used. They will also offer new chairs so you can get maximum functionality out of the most important part of the ensemble.

Having spent the last few months working on furniture that was used, I can vouch for its quality and style. Not only will money be saved, but the product you buy will be just as good looking and high quality as any other piece you could get anywhere else. Maybe take a look at some examples in person and you will see what I mean.

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