Use Gifts To Build Client Loyalty

by Don Wong

The increasingly adopted custom of offering corporate gifts is not as familiar to people as gifts given by everyone to friends and family. Corporate gifts are quite different from gifts to near and dear ones as they are a gesture of appreciation given to employees or clientele.

Corporate gifts are typically expensive things and they do not feature any company logo or brand name, as their purpose is not marketing or advertising. However, companies often conduct marketing through distribution of small items like pens, mouse pads, dongles, and other gifts to the workforce and potential customers.

Corporate gifts should be selected as per the needs and desires of the person for whom the gift is being purchased for. For a client, rare and costly objects are the norm, while standardised corporate gifts should be given to employees belonging to the same team or unit.

The apparent value of a corporate gift is its most important characteristic. It is this factor which has the intended effect on the customer or employee, which aids in developing and maintaining a healthy working relationship with them. Conferring with in house lawyers of your company before giving corporate gifts is a good idea, because in some place the law might prohibit it.

Before buying corporate gifts you should prepare a budget, decide upon the number of gifts to be presented, and look for good deals for a bulk purchase from the wholesalers. This is obviously more useful in case of gifts to staff, especially if yours is a big company. You should buy the right number of gifts so that no employee whom you plan to appreciate is missed out.

In conclusion, the practice of giving a corporate gift to your customers and employees is a good option for building sound working relationships. Always keep the legal and financial aspects in mind.

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