Use And Maintenance Of Granite Counter Tops

by J. D Theis

Granite counter tops are something that can make your kitchen look really appealing and beautiful. They also tend to remain in fashion. Besides having the purpose of enhancing the beauty of a kitchen, granite counter tops are also very functional and if maintained properly, they can be very durable as well as functional in the best way. This is what makes granite counter tops the most popular material for counter tops by interior designers as well as homeowners.

Considering that granite is strong and has the kind of form that seems indestructible, granite counter tops tend to be very durable. It is important to keep in view that granite counter tops require good care and maintenance in order to keep looking as exquisite as new.

It is important to remember not to cut things directly on the granite counter top. This would damage the surface of the countertop and it would lose its shine and beauty. Other than that you should also not place very hot items on the granite counter top. This includes hot pans or trays from the oven. This would harm the polish on the counter top and the granite counter top would lose its look.

There should be something placed on the counter top that can prevent the direct contact of the hot pan or tray with the granite counter top. It is also essential that you wipe the granite counter top of your kitchen. However, using too much soap might also not be a very good idea. In case something spills on the granite counter top, then you should immediately wipe it using warm water on a soft cloth. This would prevent stains from occurring. Other than that it is also advisable to look for a suitable cleaner for the granite counter top. The use of heavy acidic cleaning agents should be avoided on the granite counter tops.

You should also protect your granite counter top from heavy object because if a really heavy object hits the granite counter top hard, it is likely to break especially if it falls on the edge of the countertop. In order to maintain the shiny look of the granite counter top, it is important to polish it regularly. This would keep the countertop looking new and beautiful and it would be not only good to look at, but it would also maintain the value of the granite counter top.

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