Unique Fundraising: A few Thoughts to Get You Started

by Brad Morgan

When you lead or are a member of a non-profit organization, fundraising is always an issue and a requisite.

The same earlier fundraisers can leave you feeling dispassionate. And if you are bored, just consider the feelings of the people you are trying to acquire donations from. Adding some variety into your efforts may make a huge difference, both in terms of finances and your organization’s mindset.

Creative fundraising is a method that a lot of people have been adopting lately to maximize the scope of their business.

Can you create new ideas for gathering money? Can you be happy while doing it? These are great orders to fill, but with creative fundraising, it is possible to find innovative and fun ways to meet your goals.

People respond better to fundraising proposals when they’re having fun, and when they believe you are providing them something different and unique. They will be more likely to donate to your cause if they enjoy your service and its employees.

If you are, for example, conducting a money raising mission for an animal shelter, there are different ways you could make it new, fun, and successful.

Maybe you would hold sponsorship functions or count on donations from a scattered group of people. Most animal shelters depend on receiving funds in this way.

Your support may be declining. How can you re-energize your patrons and your staff? A creative fundraiser is just the answer. You could try a pet day.

You could combine this with a school or daycare and have kids and their parents visit and play with the animals from the shelter. They would get to have fun and interact with these awesome pets in a nice, wonderful atmosphere.

If their kids have fun, then parents will be more likely to donate money and the end product would be to make the animal shelter more money. This is just an example of how creative and cheap fundraising methods can actually make things better in addition to being fun to do.

The options are innumerable, but here’s an additional example. How do you implement creative fundraising in a library setting? Schools endlessly need to raise money, and a library day can help.

This gives everyone a occasion to visit the library and find out what everything is about. Library students could have a project assigned to them along the lines of drafting creative fundraising letters in order to try and persuade their parents to donate money.

To get as much as you need out of your time, you can also have lunch served at that particular day. Once there, people will want to eat. Add a bit of wine, and you could see some great donations!

These are some examples of innovative fundraising ideas that are not only joyous, but practical at the same time.

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