Types of Ties

by Pri Vag

When buying a tie or any mens accessories, there is now so much choice that sometimes you simply dont know what to buy. With the advent of online retail it has made the consumer process quicker, easier and far more enjoyable. Here is a list of all the types of ties that are now available to customers on the high street and online.

Polyester satin ties are now very popular due to their durability and hardness. They maintain great shape and form when they are worn, and can come in a variety of designs. These ties are the most common on the market today.

Another type is the bow tie which is fairly niche and can only be worn at certain occasions. This makes them less popular than the standard tie but never the less very elegant and stylish when worn. They can come in a variety of styles and shapes and most are pre-tied.

Next we have the novelty tie, which is a very popular gift on all types of occasions. These types of tie are generally themed and are often bought for birthdays and fathers day.

Then we have the wedding cravat, which can compliment the suit of the groom beautifully. This is a very special day and therefore deserves a special type of tie. Pre-tied cravats seem to be the most popular amongst consumers as they are quite difficult to do properly. Whether pre-tied or not, you will certainly stand out from the crowd when wearing this on your wedding day.

Finally, we have the silk tie which is a particular favourite but can often cost the most. The material adds a different type of elegance and brings out a suit very nicely when worn.

So when you are next looking for a new tie, think about all the different options you have available.

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