Types Of Digital Bathroom Scales

by Luke Jefferson

Although there are several kinds of bathroom scales on the market, the majority of them available are digital scales. This has caused many people to switch to using digital scales. Of course there are also many good reasons for switching, including the fact that digital scales have more functions than mechanical scales. Some claim that they would never use those features, but even if that is true it is still nice to have them anyway. That is why it is worth investing in a digital scale, since you never know what features you will need in the future.

The biggest question people have is about what differentiates digital scales from one another. There are actually quite a few different kinds of digital scales, but generally speaking high end scales will have more features than the low end ones. It is logical, though, to say that a scale should meet the needs of the user and that is in the end what determines which digital scale to purchase.

The following scales are some of the models available for you to choose from. After reading through the descriptions you will be able to say whether or not you need a high end scale. Never forget that the decision is up to you and nobody else.

One model is the Taylor 7330 Digital Lithium Bathroom Scale. This is basically a great scale with a good lithium battery, which lasts for around two years or longer. This scale starts up right away, has a vinyl mat and a weight reading capacity of 350 pounds. You can choose between weights given in pounds and kilograms. This scale will cost you around $30 and is therefore an affordable model.

Another model is the Taylor 7523. This digital sale is more of a high end model than the first model mentioned. It gives accurate readings for up to 400 pounds of weight and it is made with tempered glass. There is also a 1.5″ LCD display for the readout and as a bonus there is a blue backlight which provides enough light that you don’t always have to turn on the bathroom light. This digital scale sells for around $50 and although it is a bit more expensive, it does look more attractive and provides a few extra features.

Finally, there is the Summit S6600 bathroom scale. This digital scale comes with an AC adapter, can differentiate between two people that have different weights and is able to provide accurate readings up to 660 pounds. It is very durable and is also water resistant. This scale can be put in a fixed spot or taken along since it is portable. The price of this model runs around $200, but it can be used by a lot of people.

So as you can see there’s not much difference between the low end scales and the middle range scales, but when you get into the high end it’s loaded down with features. You may have also noticed that the higher end models support heavier users, so this is something that you need to consider when purchasing a scale. All in all it’s up to you, just make sure that you choose the right one.

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