Turmoil of Festival Food

by Ian Kleine

Festival food, for the sense of argument, is very unhealthy. It’s just natural sense. When we talk about festival foods, we talk about the greasy, fatty, yucky type of edible items that when they reach our mouth, it usually leaves a shiny film all over our lips. Talk about the stuff of nightmares for anorexics and weight watchers. But, seriously, this type of unhealthiness is favored by most sellers because of the way the food cooks (it cooks so fast), the serving procedure (just dump it in a paper plate) and because its tradition (my pa has been eating this stuff way before we even were born!)

The other spectrum of festival food is the amount of sugar they usually incorporate into it. Most of the kids end up being severely sugar-rushed, overly hyper active and quite well overweight. It’s kind of a scary situation when you think about it. We, the people ourselves, are injecting so much sugar (and god knows what other sweeteners are out there) into our kid’s foods. Well, point is they’re enjoying right? And it is just a one-time deal.

No. This atrocity to the facade of festival food must stop. It is a shame, that as a country that should be promoting the idea of fitness, wellness and good life, is subjected to this inward slavery to fat, sugars and obesity.

We are not saying that obese people are bad and fit people are good, but we are saying that festivals represent all the good things about life, and if the food is one that could promote long-term disaster and unhealthiness, I don’t see why anyone would stand for this sort of unaccepted irony.

Truth of the matter, is that most people are satisfied with just the things that really don’t matter to them. Or things that they think won’t affect them in the long run. But I think it’ll do. Sooner or later.

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