True Stories Have A Unique Way of Imparting Guidance When We Are Faced With Similar Circumstances

by Lott Stokes

High speed internet has really opened a lot of doors for downloading movies, games MP3 songs and so much more. After all we must admit itwe are all addicted to movies and love to get hem for free when the chance arrives. It is just in our nature.

Why do we like movies so much? According to psychologist and sociologists, a good move does a lot for us. They help us to escape the realities of everyday problems, care and worries while taking us on a brief mental journey into another life where dreams are made possible. We tend to briefly live through the characters, the plot and stories we watch through the power of imagination.

Apart from helping to sooth our minds, a good move can also teach us a lot of things about society as a whole. Many new and old movies alike are created based on real life situations and circumstances. They may range from find true romance and falling in love to coping with the realities of living in poverty as Oscar-winner Kathy Bates lead a stellar performance in the movie, A Home of Our Own.

True stories are filled with valuable life lessons. They are not all about slashing and dicing, but about the same problems we all face at on time or another. As such, we tend to emotionally connect with the characters and what they are going through; all the while introspectively evaluating our own real life events.

The events of true stories seem to resonate with millions of people. The plot, setting, season and the circumstances in which characters find themselves entangled in make us reflect upon a time in our lives when we faced similar situations or challenges. Oddly enough, some people can and do get wisdom from watching movies based on true events when they are going through a similar experience.

When the movie, The Burning Bed was released, it increased awareness to spousal abuse in America, as women all over the country identified with similar abusive relationships. This movie not only helped to influence new laws designed to give women great rights and protections, but also inspired an entire generation of abused women to seek help.

You should be careful forming conclusions based on real life stories. While it is okay to identify with the circumstances of the leading character, it is not always okay to follow the conventional wisdom behind a movie. Your life circumstances although similar in nature are very unique and therefore require specific reassessments and evaluations.

The next time you rent of buy a movie based on a true story, realize you are identifying with the synopsis of the movie in some way. The characters, the scenarios and the plot all mean something within your subconscious mind. Could it be you are looking to see how others handled a particular problem or dealt with a set of unsettling crises? Who knows if the wisdom of their outcome will ebb into your subconscious mind and influence you.

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