Treating Cold Sores Fast

by Arthur Glaze

Physical discomforts are not only what infections bring. Emotional troubles can also result when physical discomforts thwart the infected person from communicating with other people which can lead him to stay for the mean time in his room. This is true for a person suffering from cold sores. Cold sore are small blisters that infect the mouth and lip areas.

This disease is caused by the virus called herpes simplex which stays at the infected area up to two weeks. This period is long enough for every person to stay at home and stay away from people who may see the unsightly blisters popping on the mouth area. Because anyone cannot afford to experience discomfort for a long time, there must be fast solution. The good news is there are quick solutions for cold sore.

Two general ways are known to provide quick relief from cold sores. The first one is both an effective treatment and a preventive measure against the disease. It is boosting the immune system. The viruses can get inside the body that has no efficient immune system. This will lead the viruses to replicate easily. Hence, the immune system must be fortified. To have a strong immune system, regular ingestion of foods rich in vital nutrients must become a habit. Taking exercise must also become part of the routine because it propels the body systems to work well. Having enough amount of sleep and getting rid of too stressful activities can also boost the immune system. Lack of sleep and exposure to long periods of stress can make the body organs to perform poorly, hence, making the body systems function poorly too. A strong immune system is the best defence against viruses that cause cold sores.

The second way is the use of medications and natural remedies for cold sores. An anti-viral medication containing penciclovir is said to be the best medication. Penciclovir is known to be an effective suppressant of cold sore virus. The application of it must be done during the appearance of the first symptom so that the replication of the virus can be avoided.

There are also natural remedies for cold sores. One popular remedy is taking food rich in L-Lysine which is known for decreasing the chances of virus to attack severely. Another natural remedy is applying ice into the infected area once the initial tingling sensation is felt. The use of petroleum product can also be effective in inhibiting the viruses from spreading the infection to other parts of the body.

All these treatments have been proven effective by many. But if cold sores persist after trying several treatments, it will be best to consult a medical doctor.

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