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by Matthew Loop, DC

Marketers, regardless of niche, who utilize video marketing with Web 2.0 are literally crushing their competition, and others are trying on their own and reaching minimal success. It’s tricky to use Web 2.0 when you aren’t experienced or knowledgeable about it. Google can be incredibly unpredictable, and you never know what you may receive.

This is also true about video marketing. When you follow the rules you can earn some serious cash and rewards by going down this path. Not only will you gain exposure for your business, you can earn multiple sources of income. You can make a small fortune like me and my students have already done over the past two years. This new approach to social media isn’t just making me and my students rich. Now I’m spilling the beans, and teaching others how to do the very same thing.

Here is the flaw that I see most often with newbie internet video marketers. They will submit there videos with a service like TubeMogul or Traffic Geyser, which submit to dozens video sharing sites. Little to they know that whichever site receives the video and processes it first will be the highest that it gets indexed on the search engines.

For instance, if you put your video on Traffic Geyser, it will submit to 30 video sharing sites. If Metacafe picks up the video it will get indexed with them and their page rank and Alexa rating. But Metacafe’s Alexa is 132nd and their page ranking is a 7, which isn’t great at all. These automated services won’t let you pick the sites you get submitted to, and therefore you get a general blast everywhere.

YouTube, on the other hand, has a page rank of 9 and Alexa of 3. Basically, that means it’s the third most visited site in the world! When you submit through YouTube instead of one of a dumping sites, you’re doing your business a world of good. From there, blast it with Traffic Geyser and watch the profits take-off and the search rankings rise rapidly.

That’s why your computer is beating you with SEO and keywords. When you submit to YouTube, from there you can get a service like Traffic Geyser to really up the traffic and exposure to your video by getting it to 60 sites or more.

To recap, the higher the page rank and Alexa ranking of the video sharing site, the higher your video will be indexed on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Those that follow this simple guideline will become massively profitable from social media while those that do not will continue to be dominated by their competition.

So if you want to seriously start a home-business or amp up your online marketing, you need to check out Traffic Geyser. You can’t play with the big kids without this vital tool. The website is equipped with a FREE 30 day trial, so you simply can’t go wrong. This is a limited time offer, so you need to take advantage of it today and see the potential for yourself.

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