Top Tips To Successful Restaurant Marketing

by Steve Mackie

Regular and ongoing marketing is a must for all successful Restaurateurs. Any slump in your marketing activity can result in the loss of customers to your competitors. The one clear message we really want to get across with this article is that you should ensure that you undertake a small amount of marketing every month. Not a huge amount one month and then nothing for the next three. All that ends up happening is big highs and lows in your trade and no income growth. Our method will enable you to steadily increase your customers over a realistic period.

Here are 5 top tips for marketing your restaurant and increasing your bookings;

1. Take extra care of existing customers by keeping in touch via email marketing and handing out discount cards with their bill to encourage repeat business. Get to know them on first name terms for a more personal touch.

2. Work closely with local businesses to generate more bookings. If you have a cinema, bowling alley or hotel near your restaurant then speak to their marketing people to see if you can offer a joint promotion.

3. Why your restaurant? Think about what makes your restaurant stand out from the rest and most importantly let your customers know!

4. Offer discounts in your off-peak periods. Getting diners through your doors at times when youre normally quiet will not only boost your takings but will also lead to repeat custom and great word of mouth advertising if your promotions are good enough.

5. Get online. Having a professional website is an invaluable tool for gaining new business either directly or indirectly through your offline promotions such as flyers and newspaper ads.

To promote business growth in both the short and long term it is important to get into a routine with your marketing and never forget that no matter how little time you feel you have to devote to your marketing, continuity is crucial.

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