Toolbar Sponsorships with Unique Placement: Avoid SEM Scams

by John Welkinson

Everyone seems to be a Search Engine Marketing Expert nowadays. A friend of mine read a book about SEO last week and all of a sudden he’s telling me how to market my web site (at a substantial discount of course) and I’ve been studying and implementing SEO campaigns for years. Yep, so many experts are popping up everywhere trying to show me things I already know. My competition knows it too. In an environment where more and more people are studying and implementing SEO, how do you get a unique market advantage when the space is limited on the first page of Google?

If all the claims by the search engine gurus promising top placement were true, would there ever be any hope outside of them and their services? There’s only so much room at the top.

And Pay Per Click? You can pay top dollar with PPC but, from the experience of many, it’s hit and miss when it comes to success. Sometimes it works and then other times it fails to provide good ROI. All the while your bank balance erodes at increasing speeds.

Here’s a big PPC expense that you may already be aware of: Did you know that all one of your competitors has to do is just sit there and click away on your ad – or ever more dastardly, pay some to do it for them – and your cost will go through the roof? PPC is Pay Per Click not Pay Per Visit. You think this doesn’t happen? Think again

So what’s a good alternative? One alternative is to use Unique Placement toolbar networks to guarantee your position and traffic at a fixed cost. Reportedly, Unique Placement provides top search traffic at a fraction of PPC costs.

Unique Placement markets sponsorships on various toolbar networks that enable advertisers to dominate fractions of the marketplace by inserting their company below the toolbar but above the Google, Yahoo, and MSN top search results – essentially creating a visual number one position – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The sponsorships, by design, are limited to toolbar users who enjoy enhanced search features and appealing tools not available on most standard Yahoo and Google toolbars, however, these toolbars are able to provide top positions on Google, Yahoo, and MSN (as well as others) at a fraction of the higher paid sponsorships.

In one recent case study, a Realtor who was paying an average of $2.50 per click to acquire a site visitor, found a far better cost for visitors to their web site using toolbar sponsorships. By leveraging Unique Placements toolbar network, they were able to lower CPV (cost per visitor) substantially.

Leveraging toolbar networks is one way that you can get featured on Google, MSN, Yahoo and the other search engines without breaking the bank.

What’s in it for advertisers? Why allocate some advertising and marketing dollars to toolbar sponsorships? By doing so, it allows marketers to not only get a guaranteed traffic and position on Google, but focus on what you do best and growing their business. Businesses can follow up on leads instead of trying to generate them. Isn’t that he purpose of having a web site in the first place?

Don’t fall victim to all the so called SEO/PPC gurus that promise the world but rather cost you a fortune. There is an easier and more affordable way. Of course, most SEO’s are professionals who may help, but there are also the others who read a book last week and became an SEO expert.

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