Tips for Selecting a Mover

by Jim Olenbush

Whether you are moving from your old home or moving to a new one, you might want to choose a mover to help you with the process. Though many people prefer to hire someone to take care of the moving for them, you can undertake this task by yourself. This is particularly true when moving a far distance, as it is simply more convenient to have someone take care of moving your belongings. Selecting the best mover possible helps avoid the bad experience of landing up with a bad mover when you are hiring someone to take care of the moving process. It is recommended that you follow these simple tips when selecting a mover.

Check Into References

Ask someone who has moved recently about which company they selected to help with their move. There are many moving companies in Texas and not all of them are equally good. Having a chat with someone with experience with a particular mover is the best way to select the mover that will be best for you.

If you do not know someone that has moved recently, you should ask the movers to provide you with references. Cross check with the former customers and ask them how satisfied they were with the work of the mover. You should specifically ask about the mover’s adherence to schedule, how much did they care for the reference’s belongings and how easy was it to work with the mover.

Get Your Estimates in Writing

You certainly want to work with a mover that is going to give you a good price for the work being done. Simultaneously, you don’t want to sacrifice quality. Hence, select a company that has the tools it takes to get the job done properly as well as a company that has experience in the moving business. Select a company that is properly insured. When you get a quote from the organization, ensure the amount is put into writing and that the written quote mentions which equipment and what type of services will be included in the job.

The mover’s word should not be taken at face value. Check into the mover’s qualifications and make sure the organization is properly bonded, licensed, and staffed by employees that are covered with workman’s compensation insurance.

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