Think Of Meditating? Think Of Chakra Meditation

by Ferdinand Emy

Chakra meditation is a form of meditation that emphasizes on 7 focal points in the body, and the effect that these focal points have when concentrated on. The manipulation of Chakra via meditation is by and large utilized to enhance sensation to the organs surrounding each Chakra point, in addition as promote healing and good health to those points.

The 7 Chakra points include the Root Chakra, which is placed at the base of the spine. This Chakra is the concentrate of health within the body, in addition as thoughts on how the body connects to the material world. In Chakra meditation, Root Chakra is represented by the color red, and symbolized by the gemstones ruby and garnet. The Naval Chakra point is noted to be the color orange, and is represented by the materials amber and coral. In Chakra meditation, the Naval Chakra point is the focus of giving and receiving, and is also tied to love, compassion, sensitivity and the arts.

The Chakra point placed at the Solar Plexus is the one that focutilizes on transformation of self and the force of our will. The sense of power and authority is focused on here, in addition as self control and disciplines of our ego. This Chakra point is yellow, and is represented by amber and gold.

The Heart Chakra is green, and shares similarities with the Naval Chakra point. Rather than a more physical response to love, compassion and sensitivity, the Heart Chakra focuses strictly on the spiritual effects. The Heart Chakra is represented by the stones malachite and emerald.

The Throat Chakra is the point of communication. This is what may be focused on if you want to affect your thoughtfulness of speech, in addition as spoken truths and wisdom. The Throat Chakra is sky blue, and is represented by turquoise and blue topaz.

The Brow Chakra point, likewise known as the constituency of the Third Eye by those of the Buddhist faith, is what controls intuition, insight, imagination and clairvoyance. It is represented by the color indigo, and the stones Lapis lazuli and sapphire.

The last Chakra point used in Chakra meditation is the Crown Chakra point. This point deals directly with the mind and spirit, and is the center of your contact with the divine. All aspects of higher self are focused upon in the Crown Chakra point. It is associated with the color violet, and is represented by amethyst, diamond, and quartz crystal.

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