Things a Wii Gamer Must Have – Wii Accessories

Ever since the Wii game console was introduced, there has been non-stop development of Wii games every year and each year it gets even better. The first time this console was released to the public, everyone got excited and is always going head-to-head with the Xbox 360 console. Several people would say Wii is a family oriented and exciting way to relax themselves, which is really true. People from all walks of life and ages already know how to make use of it and already have their chosen Wii game stacked up on their shelves.

To make things more interesting, new Wii accessories have been created to make our gaming experience even better and more realistic. Here are the different devices that you can use with this type of console:

1. Wii Remote: It is the standard or main accessory, also known as Wiimote, it is already bundled with the console when purchased. It looks like a TV remote but with just several buttons to move around the console’s settings and of course to play a game. This is attached with other Wii devices as it is the main controller.

2. Wii Wheel: It looks similar to a steering wheel and used with Wii racing games. The Wiimote is utilized in tandem with this device. It is placed at the middle of the wheel and steered by the user.

3. Wii Zapper: It is utilized for target or shooting games. Other device attached to this asides the Wiimote is the Nunchuk. It is similar with a Tommy gun but bit smaller also has a barrel where the Wiimote goes. The other hand will grab on to the Wii remote combined to the zapper and the other hand for Nunchuk.

4. Wii Balance Board: This is usually used for fitness games like Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus. It is also used as a weighing scale.

5. Wii Guitar: This is one of the most favoured accessory when playing music games. It is usually bundled with Wii music games like The Beatles: Rock Band.

6. Nunchuk Controller: Several games require the use of this device. It is usually used to do movements easily like swinging and games that requires hand movements.

Although these Wii accessories add more fun and excitement, it is not required for you to have for all games. Only selected games will require the use of these devices.

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