The Technology Fair

by Ian Kleine

Technology can be a fascinating thing nowadays.

Needless to say, you’d stand out like a sore eye in the middle of technophiles if you don’t even know how to operate your own PC. Everyone is expected to at least do that right?

The kid in the next block – he is 6 decades younger than you are, and he knows half the things a hacker would know about computers.

Not cool, that was what I thought to myself. So as part of my resolution NOT to be left behind by today’s modern times, what else? I immersed myself in to it. Enter the Technology Fair.

Not much of a hustle and bustle type of fair, our town’s Tech fair was but a gathering of different electronics people showcasing their latest imports over what’s technologically hot, and what’s not.

You get your digital cameras with something-something mega-pixels on it, a cell phone that has a television on it, a TV that has a cell phone on it (weird), some new PC models (what the – is that an AQUARIUM Monitor?) and PC paraphernalia like speakers, mouse, monitors, printers and the like. They have free demos. Sweet, just what I needed.

Unluckily, things usually don’t go the way they are planned. So, after making a fool of myself in one of the demonstration booths (and earning a few laughs from several bystanders), I sought out to buy a self-help book. Concerning computers. It was bad enough that I “accidentally” turned the computer off (whatever you do, do not press the red, blinking button), but I got my feet tangled up in the cords and almost lost my cash for paying damages (which I swear I did not plan).

Next time I go, I’ll have a friend be with me. That experience did not stop me from wanting to learn but, hey, better safe than sorry.

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