The Role Of Safety Signs

Safety signs have become a common feature in almost every aspect of human life. They are necessary, because safety is of paramount importance, and cannot be neglected in any case. Whether you are driving on a road or walking on the sidewalk, you have to follow the road safety signs. Similarly, in case of an excavation, or other construction project, you have to follow the signs placed on the exteriors; otherwise, there could be serious accidents, and loss of life.

Safety signs are essential by law and the local, and national government can prosecute any person not abiding by this rule. They can even go to jail, or have their work license canceled if proper arrangements are not made at the work place. The United Kingdom has a very efficient public safety department, and such breach of law is not allowed at all.

Following is a brief introduction of safety signs, and their usefulness in keeping the human lives safe, and secure:

Road Signs

The most common safety features are the road signs. They are placed at all major locations of a road, especially at places with any danger, or important work going on. The most common road feature is the no parking sign. This is used to inform the drivers that the area is not used for parking vehicles, and they should avoid it, otherwise, they can face fines and lifting of their car by the traffic constables.

Apart from the no parking sign, the safety signs include a dangerous curve sign, school, or hospital ahead, speed breakers, and railway crossing, among others. These signs help in ensuring security of not only the drivers, but also the general population. In case a driver fails to follow these signs, a dangerous accident can happen. Railway crossings are particularly dangerous, as there have been many incidents where cars were crushed away by a fast moving train.

Construction Safety Sign

Construction safety signs are normally placed along the roads where construction work is taking place. The most widely used construction safety sign is the “Men at Work” sign used to tell the public that they need to be extra careful at a particular location, as construction work is going on. It is always preferred that they change their route.

In case of excavation work, at times barriers are put on the road along with the same sign, so that people have no choice, but to use a different road. An accident can be avoided this way as just a sign might result in someone ignoring it, and using the same route resulting in an accident.

Radiation Safety Sign

Radiation Safety Sign are generally placed in hospitals, and laboratories. The workers working in these places are frequently exposed to nuclear radiation. You will always find a radiation hazard sign in an X-Ray room. No one is allowed access to these areas except the workers and even they have to wear special suits, and gloves to keep themselves protected against the dangerous radiation. Any unauthorised person entering these areas will be exposed to radiation, which can cause many health issues including cancer.

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