The Inner Core of your Website ” Is it a CMS?

by Theodore Metagastar

You have that great idea that you are ready to put onto the web. How do you go about building your presence? There are many options available, most of which we dont even think about or know exist when we visit the websites we enjoy so much.

How do you go about writing and publishing a webpage? You can use Microsoft Word, but while the capability is built into this popular software, there are limits. There are many other options to consider.

You can also purchase a program designed to create web pages. These programs give you more control over the design of your web pages. You will find options such as using CSS files, a common file that contains all your website formatting. With a CSS file it is easier to make global changes to your website, and all the pages linked to this file will automatically change with those simple changes to the font sizes or text formatting.

You might want to consider a content management system. What exactly is a content management system? It is an integrated package of software that pulls your website together, giving you options for the underlying theme or template of your website as well as features that help you to build and publish your website.

A couple of the popular Content Management Systems, or CMS or short, are Joomla and WordPress. Both of these CMSs are build with Open Source, meaning that the code is provided to help others to build supporting components. This shared environment makes open source programs an amazing creative collective that has resulted in a wide array of features. Some of these features are fee based, while many are given freely or by donation.

Joomla is an content management system with many available features. A good start with Joomla is to visit their website. You can see what add on features are available, down load the base software as well as templates and plugins, and read the forums.

As far as popularity goes, WordPress is a great system. There are many websites that offer templates as well as the additional features known as plugins. Many articles are published to support and enhance your use of WordPress as well. You can have a wordpress site hosted at wordpress, or use the software on your own hosting site. Many hosts have Fantastico which automates the installation of the software.

If you are thinking of building your own community online, you might consider WordPress MU. This gives you one installation, and gives control over the plugins and themes, providing continuity and ease of maintenance.

It takes time and energy to build a website, and giving a little thought to the underlying system can save you hours of hard work. Once you delve into your chosen content management system you will find many powerful options available for producing a great website.

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