The Good Roofing Work

by Scott Rodgers

I am a real estate agent. I have been quite successful so far. I have worked and completed almost ten projects for big corporate houses. My work has been appreciated by every one in the business industry.

It is hard work that brings you good results. I am not only a real estate agent but I am roofer as well. I have done many design course also. This is one good reason because of which I am a good real estate agent .The major buildings of the city are being done by me. This is my roofing experience because of which I have been able to do such a good job.

My next project is a new housing society aided by government. The housing society is in the outskirts of the city. We have to build almost hundreds of houses. Since we are going for a housing society, we will have to build not only the houses however there will be an in-house hospital and the shopping complex

This is one of my biggest projects. And in order to complete it successfully, I have hired many roofers as well as designers. We have started working on the layout plans and the duration of the project is almost four to five years. The things have been initiated nicely so far.

The layout and the solidified structures have been put to place. The layout has been finalized by us. All the construction stuff and raw materials have been bought to construction site. We will be making eco friendly roofs so far .

This will be a high rise building and it will have many floors. Internal walls and portioning will be done by solidified structures only

We shall be doing venting in order to have airy building and also flashing will also be done in order to make the roofs leak proof and water proof. For the market place we will be having simple flat roofs made up of asphalt. However internals will done with the help of wood

This is my hard work which has given me such a huge opportunity. My roofers are extremely good and have done wonderful job under my guidance. It will be a high rise building. It is my hard work who will bring me success

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