The Dos and Donts In a California Craft Show

by Sive Iver

Loving and enjoying what you are doing will not be enough to make it profit for you. You will need to help start up you small business of your hobbies. A good start will be good to attend some craft shows or fairs. Since this is the first time that you will attend a craft show there are some dos and donts that are good to know.

The first few days in your making your small business successful will be more of an experiment when there are more trial and errors. So with this thought it is better to invest in small amounts. Big investments will give us a hard time to break even in the end and this will create a bigger disappointment if we have a big investment

One way of saving your investment is to look for craft shows near your area. When the location is just near you, you will not spend so much on gas. The time that you spend going from your home to the craft show will also be lessen.

Gather as much information before having your craft show will be beneficial for your business. If the craft show that you plan to attend to has a history you can ask about their track record. Or if not then ask the event organizer what are their plans in overcoming challenges in promoting their craft show.

Craft show fees are for the space you will display your goods. These fees will sometimes come with a free table and chair but you need to verify this with the event organizer. It is never good to assume that they will know what you need and provide you with the materials. You have to let them know what you need.

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