The Basics of Online Trading and Stock Market Hours

by Zachary Riff

Some people would consider stock trading as gambling. In reality, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, though. In fact, stock trading isn’t simply buying and shares as well. Developing a good trading strategy is the key to making it in the stock market. A stock market simulator, is an online game application that duplicates aspects of real-life stock markets, from trading strategies and information, down to the varying stock market hours of the different stock exchanges. Read on and know more about how you can learn and practice stock trading with an online stock game simulator.

There are two types of online stock game applications for you to be able to practice stock trading skills and strategies. Naturally, no real money is involved; play money is used, so you can practice stock trading without the financial risk. The two types of stock market simulators are: Financial and fantasy stock game simulators.

A financial stock market simulator allows you to practice stock trading through a fictional portfolio based on real stock entries, scenarios and stock market hours. Because this type of stock market simulator downloads and processes real and actual stock trading numbers and information, most online trading websites that offer these free stock games use a delayed data feed, that sends the information well after the end of the stock market hours. This prevents any abuse of the stock market simulator and the system by unscrupulous traders who want an edge before the start of the stock market hours of the next day.

Of course, the online simulator systems makes sure that any information from their system will not be used to do actual stock trading before, during and after stock market hours using their information. Safe, reliable and enjoyable, a financial stock market online simulator is a great way for you to practice actual stock trading scenarios and gain experience and a working strategy before you move up to the real thing.

Another type of simulator is the fantasy simulator. This type lets you practice stock trading through thoroughly hypothetical yet amusing settings. While it retains many essential features of the stock market like premium stock picks and options, trading tickers, regular stock market hours, other traders, among others. But unlike the financial simulator application, fantasy stock market simulators feature imaginary stocks that, while representing real items, would never be actually traded in a real stock market trading setting.

In a fantasy stock market simulators, some items being traded include questions like the how long books will last on selected bestseller lists, the box-office success of specific movies, antics of infamous celebrities, rankings and statistics of sports teams and events, and more. The value of a fantasy stock market simulator is in its application of stock market principles and how these may work given a stock trading setting.

The simulator uses the analogy to teach anyone with no background in trading understand how the stock market works. Fantasy stock market simulators use these items because they are familiar to a lot of people, thus opening opportunities for learning online stock trading to more and more people. This is one way where you get to practice stock trading techniques and strategies while having fun.

Getting the hang of how shares are bought and sold, and how other variables like stock market hours affect your investments are all part of your learning experience. Learning the ropes with a stock market simulator is one of the best ways to get you started with trading stocks.

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