The Basics of Buzz Marketing

by Paul Garnett

Buzz marketing is promoting your product through what people will tell others about your business or your product. It is a word-of-mouth marketing that you can use to promote and spread to every one the good things about your product or your service.

The buzz technique in promoting your product can however be very limited and if the strategy you opt to use is not quite effective, it might not give good results for your business. Because of this, it is advisable to use this technique together with a much stronger advertising method.

In Buzz marketing, please always bear in mind the most important word, “stories”. If you have a very commanding and believed story, eventually, the story will scatter.

If you start out with the good story about your product, it will be received and spread out to many people as possible. If it is of little interest, it might just be forgotten right then.

The important thing in buzz marketing is having an impressive story and one that catches the attention and interest of the audience. It should be something that people would want to talk about. If you have convinced your audience on the story about your product, it will eventually lead to more people being convinced and eventually higher sales.

Though in buzz marketing the story is spread to more and more people, it is very different from gossip. Gossips are idle talk that would normally be about other people’s relationships or stories that are made up, but buzz marketing is something that concerns what is good about your product. The story you tell on buzz marketing should always be true and must truly represent the product you are promoting.

Using this technique in promoting your product may gain you different responses. Most often, if a great and impressive story is told, the person receiving it may have so many ways of telling it to others.

Those who heard the story and were impressed about it can even use the internet in spreading it to others. There are actually many ways that the story can be told again.

In this technique, it is also important however to provide your audience with references so that those who received the story secondhand can verify what they have been told.

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