The Amazing 11 Minute Speed Reading Program

by Dr. Jay Polmar

It’s so easy to learn to be a basic level speed reader in 11 minutes. The 11 minute Speed Reading course is a part of a firm that has spent more than 32 years researching and sponsoring teaching of speed reading courses to 8,000 students around the U.S. These courses were taught at colleges and universities, live research gathering classes. These classes were taught by Dr. Polmar himself.

It’s truly an amazing method, but how did they do it? First, they explained how the method worked and why. Then Dr. Polmar, demonstrates to you the fastest speed reading techniques ever invented. You will start to use the methods immediately after you start studying, it all takes — 11 minutes flat and you are a speed reader.

Plus, you’ll also learn the correct way to read books. You’ll quickly discover how to organize your reading tasks, what to look for when you read, and you’ll learn how to remember and recall what you read.

Now you can learn all the secrets on how to write your own term paper, any report, or any type of paper including research, organization, writing, reviewing, and the formal presentation. The methods are easy, even a 9 year old can learn to use them.

A little practice, after studying the methods for 11 minutes, you read 50% to 75% faster and daily practice for a month-you’ll double your reading speed.

Dr. Polmar is famous for speed reading and accelerated learning courses since 1977. He is the only speed reading teacher and author who has incorporated several different techniques of speed reading along with visualization and relaxation techniques to help people, from every country, to read faster and have a better and more productive life.

Written by Dr. Jay Polmar, (’s founder), an amazing man who has written over 100 success oriented books in his career. His specialty speed reading course, is based on 16 years of teaching at colleges and universities.

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