The Advance of Digital Signs

Imagine this: you’re late for your meeting in your new company and are not sure where it is, but none of don’t the important suits and ties whizzing past you look interested in helping. Luckily for you, there are interactive LCD digital signs all over the place that can help guide you to the right office.

No, this isn’t a page from a futuristic science novel. In fact, these technological wonders are already common sights in Tokyo, Japan and Las Vegas, and are fast popping up in various places around the globe. From college campuses to hospitals and factories, everyone can’t seem to get enough of what interactive digital media can do for the modern world.

Besides adding a touch of class, these displays are also extremely functional in their usage. These were essentially created as a medium that could offer hands on information as and when required. These displays are no longer limited to being used indoors, and one can now find digital sings made using different materials in various outdoor locations as well.

Some colleges have even taken to making them a common feature on campus. Digital signs are even used to relay the latest happenings around campus and make announcements. – they are often used for classroom presentations and lectures. Both students and teachers alike have applauded the advanced technological features; students are attracted by the introduction of a new teaching medium, whereas teachers enjoy how they capture the attention. The vibrant colors, clear motion and vivid images make boredrom near impossible.

The New York building of the NYPD (New York Police Dept) recently became New York’s first public building that houses a digital screen. Officers as well as workers working for the NYPD now use this technology to know of the latest on-goings pertaining to aspects such as crime and emergencies which need to be attended to immediately. This can help reduce the crime rate is what many believe, and the police departments of many other cities’ are also following this measure.

Besides being informative and keeping guests up to date, they are sometimes used to point out directions to lost visitors. Hotels and shopping centers often employ them as directories; you’ve probably even seen one yourself. The advantage these digital signs provide lie mostly on the user’s end – it gives them a way to look for information with all the added advantage technology has to offer: speed, efficiency, and control. After all, shoppers are just looking to find their way around, not have an enriching conversation.

While digital screens might still carry an air of novelty in today’s world, you can expect them to become commonplace in the near future. Remember that the internet and mobile phone technology did not quite start off with a bang, and the same is set to happen with this new medium. For any more information about digital signage, simply log onto

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