Tainted Craiglist Target For Newspaper Cassifieds Media

by Georgia Spears

The popular story now a days is about Craiglist being in major trouble and about the seven states which are going to take action against it. This is all because Craiglist allowed a massage therapist to place an online advertisement with them but then a person who had seen her ad called on her and murdered her. The world of online advertisement began to crumble and everyone who had supported earlier began contemplating that this should not have even been allowed to be placed. Well, the truth is that if people look at their news paper, they will find these advertisements strewn all over the place.

If you are looking forward to see the news papers stop printing this news any time soon, you will be disheartened to know that that is not going to take place any time soon. This is because the news papers have got a chance t put down their most worthy opponent – Craiglist. Before any of these online companies had been introduced, news papers were used to hogging all the lime light. However now the news papers are having to deal with financial trouble instead. Already it has come to the point where many companies have filed BK.

There was a Congressional hearing recently where the CEO’s of the different news paper companies came together to launch a combined attack on online advertisements and their likes along with Craiglist. This is when they had also asked for the new rules to be implemented against them. Online advertisements forced classified to drop to an all time low of 20% after they became so popular. this was a blow to the news paper media because this was once their most profitable business. The news papers are bound to take every opportunity they get to slaughter the reputation of the online advertising and craiglist especially.

To make sure the fall of online advertising happens, many news papers are printing a series of front-page articles about the murder. The public opinion definitely seems to have swung their way now. They may be over doing this to an extent but how can they leave a chance that they’ve got. Its a hen which lays golden eggs. This may not be very advantageous because there maybe murders encouraged by this story. the other fact is that we cannot allow two important media to fight and to try to pull public opinion to their own sides or to be able to make rules enforced by the government.

The answer is to consider all of this at the same point and deal with the situation accordingly. Think about it.

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