Succeed Online With These Winning SEO Strategies

by Michael Fleischner

Succeeding with SEO is a function of understanding the basics. Search engine optimization is really made up of two different disciplines. The first is called on page optimization, which is what you do on your web pages to succeed, and off page optimization. By mastering both of these areas of optimization, you can have search engine success.

If you want your search engine optimization strategy to carry you for a long time, you’ll have to start with well thought through strategy. You should be aware that building SEO success starts with on page optimization. Just like building a great house, you have to start with a strong foundation. On page optimization gives you that strong base that enhances your link building and other off-page optimization techniques.

Let’s start with looking at your url structure. Many people believe that the only way to get number one rankings is by having your main keyword in your domain name. For example if your keyword is sneakers, you should have a URL that says Sure, this would help but its only one of a number of factors considered in search engine optimization. Not to mention the difficulty of finding a good URL that includes your keywords.

It is true that putting your keyword phrase in your URL is beneficial even though it is not the end all be all. This is especially true with search engines like Yahoo and Bing. A good strategy to deploy is to use a sub-domain strategy. This means setting up sub domains from your main site that include the keyword you’re optimization for. It would look something like this: where your site is the name of your main web site.

Another option you can deploy is to create new pages that include your keyword as part of the URL. This is almost as as good as the sub-domain strategy and very easy to implement. Simply create a folder or page on your server that includes your keyword. An example would be: By adding the keywords as part f your URL, you are improving your chances of appearing in search results given other on page SEO criteria is met.

Once you have worked out your URL strategy, the next step is to focus on other on-page factors. Although there are more than can be mentioned in this brief overview that you should be paying attention to, there are a couple that I believe are more important that others. Page load times and W3C validated code are vital to your web site’s search rankings. Make sure your code is properly written and your web pages load quickly.

If you’ve done a good job with your on-page optimization, then you’re ready to start focusing your effort on off-page optimization. Off page optimization comes down to building links to your web site from a number of sources. These sources could be authority web sites, blogs, directories, or social media web sites. The thing to keep in mind is that off-page optimization is an ongoing process that requires ongoing effort.

Begin your SEO efforts by focusing on on-page optimization. This creates a very strong foundation that you can build on for years to come. After that foundation is set, focus on off-page optimization techniques. These techniques can vary over time but should always include some type of link building effort. As you create more inbound links, your search engine results will continually improve.

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