Strategic Management Step By Step

by Lynn Lopez

Managing to some people would probably just seem like a simple matter of telling people what to do and expecting everything to be done quickly and correctly. While it’s true that a lot of managers these days just think along those lines, there is actually more to managing than just ordering people around. Managing involves juggling people, skills, and workload to meet specific goals–and it’s no mean feat to do so. However, most managers go wrong when they simply work according to any problems or emergencies that come up or simply mobilize a team as a response to major deadlines and issues. Because of this, the overall goal is the group is usually forgotten, with everyone’s time, attention, and energy being diverted to putting out fires that could have been avoided in the first place.

If this happens to be the usual case in your office, then it’s about time that your management method received a major overhaul. A quick course in strategic management would be just the thing to put everything back in order again.

First of all, what is strategic management? Strategic management makes use of a strategy which has been developed through careful planning in order to achieve a company’s objectives. This type of management consists of several basic steps: formulation, implementation, and evaluation. In order to formulate a strategy, however, you first need to have a good idea what your company is all about. What are its objectives? What does it hope to do and become? Only by answering these questions can you put together a plan of action that will address each issue as your company grows. This plan of action is your strategy, a series of steps that you will be working on to meet your objectives.

Of course, not all strategies are smoothly planned. They need refinement from time to time, or even replacement if one particular step proves ineffective. This method is the evaluation part, where you take a good hard look at the strategy to figure out if it’s working well for the company. You will also need to look at where the company is, if you’ve already achieved what needed to be achieved by that time.

This all sounds like a matter of management common sense, but the problem is, not everyone keeps these things in mind when they manage a group or a company. People tend to get roped into other details and lose sight of the big picture. By making use of strategic management, you stand a better chance of achieving your goals and of applying the best methods to make everything happen.

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