Speed Reading and Study Skills for College and Business

by Dr Jay Polmar

If you are the parent of a 9 year old girl, a 13 year old boy, and a 19 year old college bound, you know that their futures depend upon their skills to read and assimilate information, putting it into memory and into use. What are you going to do to help them accomplish that?

Doubing/tripling reading speed, teaching test-taking/memory/recall and many other success skills, live courses for all three kids could cost upwards from $500, some courses are $675 per person.

But, what we have found is that when the students WANT to learn, they can learn by themselves, from the right materials unassisted. If your children want more free time, less study time, and better grades all at once – we’ve found it — it’s a COMPLETE SPEED READING COURSE:

For business people – we have the Complete Speed Reading Course, which has a corporate and business training program for speed reading, and business success. Plus it also includes a computer software program for reading faster online.

It’s one of the amazing programs developed by Dr. Jay Polmar, a master of training the human mind for educational and motivational successes. He’s the founder of speedread.org and his complete speed reading programs can be found at www.speedreadcomplete.com

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