Some Interesting Information About The History Of The Law

Becoming a lawyer isn’t for everyone. Lawyers have to go through years of education and specialized training to gain a degree, then they pass the bar. An attorney in a profession advocate and advisor assisting those in need of legal assistance. They must be comfortable speaking in public and must be quick thinking and able to respond in the best defense possible. There are many different fields of law an attorney can choose to specialize in. Some of which are civil, corporate, real estate, injury and list goes on.

Socrates accepted the death penalty nearly 400 years ago, believing in the system of laws that govern our society. Though there has always been those in society who have expressed dislike for attorneys, they do realize the immense need for them when they find their self in certain situations.

The careers of lawyers started in England as two distinct types in the 1500’s, one being barristers and the other solicitors, today the same remains. Barristers work in higher courts while solicitors work in lower courts. Solicitors consult and give advice. They also work doing preparation for barristers going to trial.

Anyone wanting to become a lawyer would go to England for education, but it not the intention for American justice to be given by English courts. Independence from England and the crown came about.

Lawyers specialize in areas according to personal interest and skills. There is flexibility in specialties and trial work can be done by any lawyer. They must be comfortable in that environment. It’s a strategic game when dealing with clients, property, and freedom, with stakes involving peoples lives.

The philosophy of law deals with concepts that are abstract, like justice and deciding what is wrong or right. Who is innocent and who may be guilty. The law must be fair and also just. Deciding responsibilities and keeping the rights of an individual or a group is all part of the legal system.

Taking the abstract state of the practice or study of law to something more concrete is in how principles are upheld. Society and aspects of it are impacted by the system of law. The backbone of the entire system is lawyers. Defending an entity or an individual client targeted as being the scum of society or someone evil brings dislike for lawyers, though rights must be upheld.

It’s next to achieving the impossible for someone to navigate through the legal system alone to resolve problems. For this reason the profession of law will remain prominent and sought after. Society will continually seek out representation throughout time.

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