SMS Gateways

by Pri Vag

Mobile VoIP and WiFI Mobile have really got the mobile operators quaking. Whether your company needs one or a thousand mobiles, many companies can help. Mobile VoIP is the future. Let your swtchboard transfer a call to you on your mobile and back again??!

No more cabling your buildings. With regards to companies can find the best tariff for you and be a single point of contact for all your company mobile requirements. Calls between staff either from office to mobile, mobile to office or mobile to mobile can be free.

One of todays leading business tools in this area is the Blackberry. It gives secure email on the move, providing you with access to your address book, diary, internet and routemaps/roads. With very fast speeds mobile working is now a reality and Mobile Data Access is a key part to this. Get access to your corporate organisation as if you were sitting at your desk.

The Mobile Gateways have the ability to reduce fixed to mobile call charges by up to 65% saving companies a lot of money. With such a wide range of mobile phone devises available companies can now provide supplier re-negotiation. This can ensure a better deal on all your mobile phone devises and cut costs drastically.

With convergence your staff need only carry around one phone handset with them. When they are in the office, their handset is an extension off your system. When theyre out again, its still a handset off your system.

Companies now offer integration and consultancy and will analyse your mobile requirements and provide you with a recommendation detailing the solutions you require and how they will enable you to achieve your objectives.

With SMS Gateways you can send text messages from your office email system. This is a great way to disseminate information in the fastest time at the lowest cost.

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