Smart Wholesale Costume Jewelry Purchasers Don’t Get Conned!

by Maria Prosper

To ensure you are dealing with an online company that is reputable requires a little planning. Here’s some basic common sense and a few useful tips to point you in the right direction. It’s a well known fact that all businesses on the internet claim to be the best or the cheapest in their particular trade and the wholesale costume jewelry market is certainly no different.

The smart or jewelry savvy purchaser asks lots of questions about the various metals and treatments that may have been used on the jewelry as well as the grade and type of gems used. Start with these great tips and secret wholesale costume jewelry guidelines and you’ll sort the good guys from the not so fine jewelry merchants. Some people are set on nothing more than off loading inferior merchandise and absconding with your money.

Scrutinize their returns and refunds policy and read the customer reviews carefully as these are priceless indicators of their past dealings with other consumers that have previously bought from them. Do they offer a money back guarantee and how long is it good for? What happens if the item you receive is faulty will they replace it and pay for the return shipping or postage? These are good questions to ask; and don’t be scared to ask for an answer in writing and always get a name when you have made such inquiries.

You certainly don’t want to be convinced by a would-be conniving dishonest fly-by night shaky jewel merchant that you were buying the genuine article for a great price when in fact he was selling inferior over-inflated knock-offs instead! Educate yourself on jewelry basics. Sure you don’t need to be Einstein but a little knowledge about the difference between fine jewelry, precious and semi-precious gems, fashion or costume jewelry and the like is absolutely necessary if you want to avoid being duped.

Speaking the jeweler’s language is vital or otherwise it will all sound rather like double-dutch! Also learn the language of the jewelry world. For example familiarize yourself with terms like carats, brilliance, blemish and what measure a point is?

There are some great deals out there. Also, there are some great sharks. Do take your time looking around online as the Web has a great deal of quality retail and wholesale costume jewelry including everything including dazzling crystals, opulent pearls, stunning gemstones and fashion sparkling sets to suit any and every occasion.

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