Sick of Paying Double for your iPhone Ringtones?

by Thom Yarbrough

When mobile phones were first introduced, their main highlight was their ringtones that had everyone in a tizzy. From the then boring tring tring monophonic ringtones, technology soon progressed into creating musical melodies and the Mp3 ringtones came into the scene and is a rage now. Soon people were picking up their phone which belted out the latest hit songs and that has become more or less a norm nowadays. Today, if you’re a proud owner of the iPhone, you obviously want it to stand out from the rest of the crowd by playing special ringtones.

You can choose from many places, to download ringtones for your iPhone. But unlike with most phones, in which you have to download the tones to your computer and then transfer them to the phone by connecting both devices, it’s a bit more complicated with the iPhone.

Every iPhone owner has the iTunes installed on their computer. The process of transferring ringtones from the iTunes manager to your iPhone is not difficult but it is also not very simple either. However, once you do have the phone synced you can get this done quite easily.

There are all sorts of ringtones out there, from the cool to the quirky. Funny or loud ringtones and some which have lovely nature sounds. Take your pick and once you download them from iTunes, make sure to follow the instructions properly to ensure that the ringtones will work on your iPhone. Ringtones for the iPhone are present in the .m4r format but you can preview them and listen to the samples on your computer through MP3 files.

There are a few websites which provide plenty of details regarding iPhone ringtones while there are some which offer free ringtones for users to enjoy. In the following articles, we will be looking at the different kinds of ringtones that are there. For now, it will suffice to see the various categories that are present.

From you can download hundreds of free ringtones based on different criteria. There are wake up alarm clock sounds, classic rings for those who believe in old is gold, tones which will automatically put you in the holiday mood for Christmas, tones with the use of special instruments that are used from around the world and some which are peaceful.

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