SEO Web Design unlocked by Texas Web Designers

by Jordan FeRoss

The Definition of SEO is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a very strenuous and tiring process that depends heavily on different factors that calculate the position of any given website. Many SEO companies only do search engine optimization to a pre-existing website that is already designed. Also, web design companies only perform web design and simply do not have the knowhow of Search Engine Optimization. However, a group of rising Texas Web Designers from “Reach A Web” have finally mastered the art of both!

You may find yourself left with either a website that looks really nice but with a bad search engine placement, or a website that was designed by someone and the search engine optimization Company that you hired has placed a bunch of ugly keywords and content that ruined your design. Why shouldn’t you have the both of them? This question can simply be answered with one word: Redesign. Redesign your website using a company that knows how to do both from the ground up. You have to start from the bottom up again, but this time do it right. The Texas Web Designers of Reach A Web can do the job right.

Why should you limit yourself to a website that offers very little of either exposure or looks? Your business is great and your ideas are even greater. You owe it to yourself to have both the presentation and exposure to secure your next online sale!

Unlike many SEO companies that charge upwards of $2000.00/mo, these Texas web designers love their work and charge “overseas out source prices” for work completed done in Texas. Many times, you come out with a complete web design and SEO package for under $4000.00. If you do the math, a custom website will cost you somewhere around $3,500.00. Add another $600.00 for your initial SEO report. In addition, you have another $600.00/mo for 6 months of SEO to worry about. That is a total of $7,700.00 and you are not happy with the final look of your website and not to mention you are not too sure if the SEO work was done ethically and correctly. Why take that chance and the financial loss that comes with it?

Everyone knows that web designers are not SEO web design companies as well. These are fields that should be separate areas of expertise and they should always be treated as such. The one exception of the rule is that when you can find someone that is worth your time, money and trust. The Texas web designers at Reach A Web are no talk and a lot of walk. They are ethical and you can count on them getting the job done right.

Why should you sell yourself short on either looks or exposure or maybe even both? Your website is your business goldmine and you must have the best of both. Finding web designers that can accomplish both a sleek web design and an SEO from the ground up is a must have in today’s world.

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