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by reklicom

Here I am going to share with you the secrets on how to make money online. And learn how to make money online! First of all, we all want money to work for us. Not the other way round. But the tireless nagging that the bosses gave and the requirements they have in us, are totally driving us crazy. I don’t care which field you are from but I am sure that you are facing this problem. To make things worse, your colleague’s backstabbing is even more hurting. Let’s put the ends to all these!

So, the secrets that you are searching for online have been there ever since business began. Find something people want, entice them to connect with you, get their details and sell, sell, sell to them over a period of time to convert them from interested parties to confirmed customers.

But the one secret that is often missing from much of the information online has been around offline for centuries as well – be different. Don’t try to be the same as your competitors. Stand out from the crowd. Do something different that gets you remembered.

For example, take the cab driver who gets the name and address of every passenger. Each Christmas they get a card from him. And guess what, people remember him and recommend him. He gets most of his fares from referral business, rather than having to wait around. Have you ever met a cab driver who sends all his passengers cards at Christmas?

Yet online, everyone seems to be the same. New online businesses follow the rules set by the experts and gurus. The result is that almost all web sites trying to sell something are starting to look the same. They all do the same thing – have a great offer and a box to fill in your details. Many of them even use the same templates. If you follow the “rules” that are part of the secrets you will end up following the pack and you won’t be noticed. If you truly want to make it online, you have to be different.

Generally speaking, the earlier the client is in the process, the more resistant they are to the reality that they are in a hard money situation. Asking some basic questions will help them understand the position they are in: What is your current interest rate?What steps have you taken so far to obtain a loan?Has another lender turned you down for financing? Why?How is your relationship with your bank? How would you rate your credit?

Many of these people play the lottery, or are always looking for the next get rich quick scheme, but the real reason only 1% of the world’s population controls 98% of the wealth is because they know things others don’t.

My International readers will be relieved to know they are not being left out because online business can be done anywhere in the world. Here is why eCommerce is flourishing. Convenience!

What can you do with this knowledge? You might save money by always rounding up those prices and so being less tempted to buy – which you probably already do. Also be aware that the 9/10 caught your eye at the gas station, but a penny or a tenth of a penny savings won’t justify going out of your way. You’ll save more money just stopping at the first reasonable station.

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