Save Money And Get The Electronics You Need

by Aureo Mena Estvez

There was a time when the electronics department in most stores was very simple. They carried a few televisions, a couple of radios and possibly a few stereos. Electronics departments have become much more complex in the past two decades. Now they carry everything from the above-mentioned televisions, radios, and stereos to cell or home phones, computers, iPods, cameras and camcorders as well as many other items. One of the biggest savings to be found in the electronics department is clearance items.

If you are trying to save money by buying electronics on a clearance sale, be sure that you are not buying equipment so old that it is no longer serviceable or cannot be upgraded to do what you need done. Since digital broadcasting has become the norm, due to law changes to free up the airwaves for other purposes, analog TV’s are not a good purchase, even at a clearance price. You will pay as much as $50 for a converter to see that new clearance television, and may not be that happy with what you saved on the clearance sale.

You will often find computers on electronics clearance sales. Many times these can be a very good investment. They may not have all of the latest bells and whistles, but for many home computer users, they are more than adequate for word processing and surfing the net. You may save money buying a clearance computer and doing any necessary upgrades for yourself.

Model year-end is often a good time for great deals of electronics on clearance. Last years items may everything that is done by this year’s model, but simply because of aesthetic appeal consumers want the newest look.

Remember when both towers and monitors for computers were colored off-white. When they became silver or black, off-white was out. How did the retailers get rid of the off-white? They used a clearance sale. You could get the same machine on the inside with an outside color change and save hundreds of dollars due to buyer’s perceptions.

The other place to look for good deals in electronics departments is in the kitchen appliances. New model years bring out new colors. If last years model had a color that did not sell, great for you, the item is put on the clearance rack, and you may have that appliance for less than half of the original price. Pocket the extra money and perhaps you can afford a second item on clearance of which you have dreamed. It might be the same color as the first appliance you bought.

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